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Wed, Aug. 31st, 2005, 01:28 pm
I need to get rid of some yarns!

Updated Sept 7, 2005


-Prism Flash each skein is 125 yards. 1 skein with label and 2 skeins wound into a center pull ball (a couple knots, this yarn tangles easily since its soo soft and slippery). Pretty reds, purples, pinks. Has gold flecks/loops of shiny thread peaking through the yarn. The tag says it retails for $25/skein but Id trade for less in value since 2 are in center pull balls.

-Moda Dea Tutu in Cabana blue (1 skein, $7) (I used a skein of tutu and a skein of dream to make a funky mini shawl on big needles)
-Moda Dea Tutu in Rasberry ($7, 1 skein)

-Moda Dea Dream ($6) in Blush (it’s a bit darker than the picture, but not as dark as plum) 1 skein

-Moda Dea Dream in water lily (pink) ($6)

-Moda Dea Vixen in blue me away ($9)

-patons Carmen in wine ($5)


The Books are from the 1960’s and 1970’s *unless otherwise noted* and have a variety of crafts in them designed to showcase the fashion of the times- pretty funky too. The books aren’t perfect and may have slight stains on the covers (some have cloth covers) but they still have a good variety of projects and the instructions don’t look too hard.

-Creative Hands “The complete knitting, dressmaking, and needlecraft guide” yellow cover

- Shortcuts to Elegance- mostly sewing patterns. Cloth striped cover

-Traditional Favorites- mostly sewing, patchworks, etc. very 70’s. blue checked cover

-The family Creative workshop (fighing/craft themed cover) knitting, dyes, woodwork, variety of crafts.
-KNitters no 24 fall 91 (alpine knits)

-Vogue knitting book spring/summer 1964

-Vogue Knitting Winter 00/01 advertises, “ Great winter knits/fabulous fur/textural tweeds/express style/modern classics/designing for men

-Vogue knitting winter 94 “lots of easy patterns/winter whites/evening reds/dynamic sweater duos (him and her)/wintery woven stitches”

-Acorn street yarn shop basics collection- "summer shrug"- poncho from rectangles that can be made in a variety of sizes and materials.

-baby knitting pattern book- "bouncing baby knit wardrobe"

-vogue knitting 1989/90 winter edition- sweaters, gifts, accesories

- Get Crafty: Hip home ec

Here’s what Im looking for if you want to trade:
I love lace books, rowan magazines, most stuff that’s british. Ask me if I already have it though! Id love Rowan 38. Actually, Id love most Rowan, debbie bliss, etc mags/books. Back issues of spinning magazines. Id love a book on knitted animals.

Im always up for spinning related stuff (even spindles), and love novel and handyed fibers to play around with.

My all time love of yarns has to be lace and sock weight yarns, especially “luxury” and Handpainted stuff. I only really have a use for amounts enough to do something with (make a pair of socks, shawl, etc, though a single skein of sock yarn is fine), and I usually need at least 400 yards of a given yarn. I also work with a lot of dk weight yarns, but nothing really ever over that, some worsted weight yarns if its enough to do a larger project.

I prefer natural fibers to synthetic, and really like deep saturated colors, especially in blue, green, purple, and (especially right now) brown. Creams and more neutral colors I especially like for lace, anything bright and funky to muted colors is great for sock yarns.

I do have a rather strong preference for higher end yarns. Think debbie bliss, e. lavold (silky wool), rowan, kouigu, lornas laces, manos, Colinette, cherry tree hill, etc. I also love wood knitting needles, addis, wood circs w/ sharp tips (for lace) & am lookign for a set of denises. I can always use more wood dpns.

leave a comment here or email me at midnightsky1686 at yahoo dot com