New Patterns!

My website has imploded and no one can quite figure out why! Very annoying, since it is all there, just that no one can log in! In the meantime, it had forced me to finish up some patterns!

There are two new patterns-

Circle Vest Pattern
A new take on the idea of the circle vest, but using ribbing to make it for a really flattering fit!

Pattern has 12 sizes (!!!) and 4 yarn weights. O, and two versions: with and without ruffles.


The Leaves Shawl Pattern

Uses only 500 yards of worsted or aran weight yarn. Quick to knit, not too lacey, and every lace row is charted.

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 Midnightsky Fibers has a new pattern collection up- Space Hats Collection- 6 of my fabulous and easy to knit hat patterns all bundled together to give you a marvelous discount. The patterns are designed with interesting but easy to knit detailing to really show off your favorite yarns- especially handspun yarns! The patterns are full color PDF's for you to keep on your computer or print out. The patterns are on sale as a colletion for $10. The price will go up in the next couple days, so get it at $10 now!

Artist Licenses are also available for people who would like to knit patterns for sale- see the wholesale page (which also has all the info about the patterns if you are interested in wholesale).

While you are at Midnightsky Fibers check out the current handspun yarn project- 101 Yarns 101 Days. Every day a new naturally dyed and handspun yarn is posted- see day 32 "carrot" above! And yes, it is actually dyed with carrot!

Lazy Day

Me + Joey are having a lazy day here. For once, he is staying on HIS side of the couch and not trying to sit on the computer while I work!

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I am doing a case study with someone over the phone in...less than an hour! Wish me luck, I don't hear super well on phones!

(not sure if it is going to be live or anything so I can't tell you more than that! depends how it goes!)

Shop Update!

I have been madly working on a shop update for the week- finally! Awesome handspun handwoven scarves, handspun yarn kits, and more! I have been having lots of fun in my studio (aka my apartment!) lately weaving scarves with interesting handspun yarn details, hand fulled felt scarves with cutouts, and more!

Check out all the new stuff at Midnightsky Fibers.

The kits are especially awesome- they come with complimenting yarns and free pattern. Even if you don't want to make the pattern (remember it is free, you are actually getting a discount on the yarns that are packaged as pattern kits too), it is a great way to get yardage to make larger projects.



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Dear cat:
My night vision sucks. You are black. You also lived with someone who was wheelchair bound before me. What am I missing in that you don't know not to constantly walk in front of me?

Your unamused owner
(Who was *this close* to falling in to the drum carder. Did I mention it has 128 points per square inch?)

New site versus putting it on current one

I am starting to sell patterns, and I am trying to decide if I should put them on a different site or keep them on the same. Pro/cons/ thoughts?

The patterns are geared towards wholesale, not individual patterns. Patterns are PDF downloads, not physical goods.

Same site:
There are two options: my current shopping cart, or another cart that specializes in downloads.

Current cart is tricky since people have to sign in and get approved for a wholesale account, and you don't see the wholesale discount until you check out. This would be ok, but I don't want people buying the patterns THEN realizing they could have gotten them half off, or thinking the patterns are too $$. Also can accept more payment types.

Separate cart: Ability to do affiliate and designer reimbursement, which would be a huge pain with current cart alone (I don't want yarns to be affiliate, wholesale discount + affiliate would = very very little money, if any made), but could be confusing since it is two carts on the same website. Has to be built up much more up hand, and adding designs in larger quantity later could be a pain, but could always move patterns to separate site later.

Different site:
pro- the patterns are somewhat separate from my yarn, I don't want yarnies to think I am selling them to sell my own yarn only.No confusion with different carts
con- search engine traffic, having to build the site, site would be a different name (which I already own). Good for if I wanted to add other people's patterns later.

eta: the shopping cart system i am adding in is the same on Chic Knits uses.

There is actually option 3: use just Ejunkie, but that would be a TOTAL PITA for yarn.